This article provides basic understanding of routing table and a practical task on the same.

To understand routing, first let’s understand what a router is.


In simple terms, a router is networking device which is used to connect different networks together. It forwards data packets between networks.

When a data…

In this article i will demonstrate how to setup a python interpreter in a docker container for python development and to use python dependent tools in docker.

For this demonstration i am using Redhat 8 as base OS and running a CentOS 7 base image in docker container. To run docker use - docker run -it centos:7

After running container type python --version to check current python version. Bydefault centos 7 comes with python 2.7 but since its an old version so we would like to update to latest version to use latest features.

To install python 3 use yum command - yum install python3

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